Assignments - How do I submit an assignment (paper, exam, quiz, poll, etc.)?
First, here is a short helpful video explaining how to manage and submit assignments: Assignments video

View and manage all of your assignments (for one or more students) with due dates:
  1. Log in to the student page ( or family page (
  2. Assignments icon.
  3. This view shows you all due assignments that you have not submitted yet. It can be sorted by one or more columns. It can also be filtered, by student, class, or even a keyword. It can be printed.
  4. The default view is Upcoming, which shows all upcoming and overdue assignments. Use the upper left button to switch to Graded, All or other views.


Submit a file (e.g., document) to an Assignment (FS), take an auto-scored quiz or test (AT), or take a work completion poll (SP):
  1. Log in to the student page ( (assignments cannot be submitted from the family page).
  2. Assignments icon.
  3. Select the assignment
    -- Submit File button, to upload the file (from your computer) you want to submit. (For details on how to submit a file, go here.)
    -- Take Test to take an auto-scored quiz or test.
    -- Take Poll to submit a homework score or completion report.


Review a file you have already submitted:
  1. Log in to the student page ( or family page (
  2. Assignments icon.
  3. Switch to show "All" assignments.
  4. Select the assignment.
  5. The number of items submitted is shown in the upper window list, and a link to each submitted file is shown on the top of the lower window.


Can't find a file you submitted?
  1. Log in to the student page ( or family page (
  2. Classes icon.
  3. Select the class where you submitted the file (if you're not sure, you can go through them all one at a time).
  4. Assignments tab.
  5. Receipts button.
  6. Make sure your file is listed there with a receipt. If it is not, then it was not successfully submitted.

Detailed view of all the Assignment functions:

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