How do I set up VoIP for my meeting?
Below you will find links to articles with instructions for setting up VoIP for both New and Existing meetings. Before beginning the set up process, however, it is important to note the following Guest and Host parameters that must be met in order to use VoIP:

VoIP Parameters for Guests:
Acceptable Methods of Joining a Meeting Configured for VoIP:
  1. A Java enabled web browser running Java version 1.3 or higher provided they have working speakers (and a microphone if they are required to speak).
  2. The free guest version of GP4 with a headset connected to the computer. They should click the Audio Tuning Wizard button once they have downloaded GP4 to set-up the audio before they try to join a meeting to ensure they have the audio configured correctly.
  3. Use a conference call number (if the meeting is configured for phone access) to dial into the audio portion of the meeting. The dial in number will display on the web page after they click the Join button from the GatherPlace home page and is also available by clicking on the Voice Options button at the top of the presentation viewer. The phone numbers currently available that are bridged to VoIP are in US area codes 603 and 800 and several countries outside of the US.
  4. Macintosh guests running Snow Leopard (10.6) or later must have edited their Java plug-in preferences or be using the free guest version of the GatherPlace software.

    NOTE: The SureView option for joining a meeting is not compatible with VoIP.

Minimum System Requirements for GP4 Guests using VoIP:
  • PC - Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
  • Mac - Mac OSX 10.4 or higher.

VoIP User Instructions for Guests
Click here for details on how guests use VoIP in GatherPlace meetings.

VoIP Parameters for Hosts:
What Hosts Need to Know about GatherPlace VoIP
  • Advanced teleconferencing features such as VoIP are only available with the GatherPlace Premium plan.
    See this article if you are unsure which type of plan you are using.
    Please see the pricing page for pricing information or see this article on how to upgrade your account.
  • A meeting must be set to use the GatherPlace Teleconferencing Services in order to use VoIP in the meeting (this is NOT the default setting for meetings). To set the GatherPlace Teleconferencing Services, see links below for setting up New or Existing meetings.
  • The Host must have a headset connected to their computer and have successfully run the Audio Tuning Wizard.
    GatherPlace recommends using USB headsets or speaker phones vs. the mini-plug type for the best audio experience.

VoIP Set Up Instructions for Hosts
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