I have problems dialing into the teleconference. What can I do?
If you get an Invalid Access Code message when you dial into the teleconference and the numbers repeated back are not the same as the access code you are entering, it is a known issue that is being addressed. In some cases, one or more of the dialed digits seem to be duplicated when repeated back, in other cases dialed digits are missing when repeated back.
Until it is resolved, there are a few things listed below that you can try to gain access to the audio portion of the meeting.

If the numbers repeated back are the same as those entered, then either the access code is incorrect OR the meeting is not configured to use the GatherPlace teleconferencing service. If you are the host of the meeting, please see this article to configure your meeting(s) to use the teleconferencing service. If you are a guest, please contact the host of the meeting so that they know about the issue and can give you the correct access code or edit their meeting to include the teleconferencing option.

Solutions for the missing or double-digit issue for teleconferencing
Guests or Hosts dialing into the meeting with a telephone
  1. Try dialing the access code slower or holding the buttons a little longer on the phone when dialing.

  2. Try using a different telephone. This usually solves the problem for most people.

  3. If you are prompted with a Voice Dialing Options dialog and see Use the Computer for Voice, try that option as it will allow you to use the computer to join the audio portion of the meeting without using your telephone.
    Note: You will need a headset with a microphone attached if you will need to speak in the meeting. Otherwise, you can use the computer speakers to listen to the meeting and use the text chat feature to ask questions of the host.
    See this article on using your computer for the audio.
    See this article on using the text chat feature.

Hosts with a Premium GatherPlace account [ How can I tell? ]
  1. Use the VoIP option for the meeting so the guests can use their computer (option #3 above) instead of the telephone to join the audio portion of the meeting*.
    See this article on configuring a meeting for VoIP.

  2. Use the VoIP option for the meeting and have the guests download the free GatherPlace GP4 guest software and use their computer to join the audio portion of the meeting*.
    The downloads are available from our website at: http://www.gatherplace.com/client/.
    See this article on configuring a meeting for VoIP.
* Using the VoIP option or guest software will require the guests to have speakers or a headset/speaker phone attached to their computer to listen. If the guests will need to speak, they will need a headset or speaker phone. Optionally they can use the text chat to communicate their questions if they do not have and audio input device available.
Note:Using a separate microphone or the built-in microphone on a laptop, can cause echo in the meetings. If you experience echo, please see this article.

Hosts with a Basic GatherPlace account [ How can I tell? ]
GatherPlace can temporarily upgrade you to a Premium account so you can use the VoIP option for the guests to join your meetings until the issue is resolved (see above for Premium Account details).

Note:The recording feature will also be enabled with a premium upgrade, but any recordings that are made will no longer be available if/when the account is downgraded to the Basic service. You will be notified when the teleconference issue has been resolved so you can decide if you want to keep the Premium service (additional cost over the Basic service) or return to the Basic service.

To request a temporary upgrade, please email GatherPlace Sales or Support.
For immediate upgrades, you can contact Customer Service during normal business hours.

The root cause lies with the caller's telephone (or PBX) which generate DTMF tones shorter than the accepted standards and can not be identified by the server correctly.
We have determined this from analyzing calls from customers experiencing the issue and have verified the tone durations and/or duty cycle coming from the callers phone or PBX do not meet the ANSI specification.
The vendor has been notified of our findings and they are currently working on a solution.

"For compatibility with ANSI T1.401-1988, the minimum inter-digit interval shall be 45msec, the minimum pulse duration shall be 50msec, and the minimum duty cycle for ANSI-compliance shall be 100msec."

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