Email - How do I ensure I receive emails from TPS?
The Potter's School operates all of our mail servers in compliance with current bulk email and anti-spam rules. We do minimal filtering on our end, so we don't miss incoming mails.

However, TPS has no control over receipt of email we send. All mail providers filter mail, and individual users filter it as well. We have registered our servers with the major mail providers, but that does not assure they will not block mails to various users or groups of users at any given time, based on algorithms or in response to user actions. We have no ability whatsoever to manage individual user email filters. If you use a challenge/reply system to control unwanted email, please enter our email address into your filter yourself in advance. Our staff does not respond to automated emails of any kind.

To maximize reliability of receipt, we encourage families to use a reliable major current email provider (e.g., Gmail) for receiving TPS emails. ISP email addresses (e.g., comcast, earthlink, sbcglobal, etc.) are generally not reliable, because they filter too aggressively. Older providers (e.g., Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail) that are not kept up to current standards, should not be used for any important email.

For our enrollment and invoicing process, we make class enrollment, approval, fees and payments details available on the secure family page. We also send enrollment, approval, invoice, and payment emails to the family email address.

Our school-wide and newsletter announcements are sent out via bulk mail through Vertical Response, a highly respected mail service with an aggressive anti-spam posture, including an opt-in and unsubscribe process for mail recipients. To help ensure you will receive all TPS announcements (new courses, trips, other), please subscribe to our newsletter updates (by creating a family account if you don't already have one), or Like our TPS Facebook page.

For announcements provided to an entire class, we post Messages on the student page and family page. We do not send emails for these, as they are considered bulk email.

Whether a family or student receives our emails or not, the family is still responsible for posted class announcements and deadlines, and for all posted fees and payment dates.
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